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Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder Clothes And Accessories at LamaLoLi

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Bob the Builder clothes and accessories at LamaLoLi

Bob the Builder lives in the seaside town of Fixham. Together with his business partner Wendy and his hard-working team of machines, including Scoop the digger and the steam roller Roley, Bob always has plenty of work to do for the town's population. There's always something that needs fixing in Fixham! From road repairs to plumbing and gardening - Bob and his crew are always there when they are needed.

Bob the Builder has a lot of work to do together with his friends: Dizzy the concrete mixer, Muck the bulldozer and Lofty the crane. In our Bob the Builder shop the right clothes are available for any little helper who wants to work on one of the projects in Bobsville, Sunflower Valley and Fixham Harbour. Can we fix it? Yes we can!