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Disney Minnie

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Minnie Mouse clothes for young girls

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Disney Minnie: Baby body suits & dungarees, bags, bed sets, belts, caps, children's tableware, clothing sets, dresses & skirts, flip flops, jackets, trousers, long sleeve pyjamas, long sleeve pyjamas (velours), long sleeve T-shirts, pillows, se

Disney Minnie clothes and accessories at LamaLoLi

Minnie Mouse is the first lady of the Walt Disney Company and has achieved cult status just like her boyfriend Mickey. She was first seen in 1928’s cartoon Steamboat Willie. She is Mickey's sweetheart and he is always there to help her out. The adorable little mouse is charming, always very fashionable and definitely girly. Her very own Minnie-style includes the characteristic pattern of spots and countless bows.

Minnie Mouse is one of the most popular Disney characters. Although she appears to be only Mickey’s sweetheart, and sometimes sidekick, she has her own fashion line and many young girls love her and her strong sense of style. Young fans of Minnie Mouse will love our selection of merchandise featuring their favourite Disney character. No matter how young, girls always like to be in fashion. If you are looking for a Minnie Mouse dress, we have a wide selection available. We also sell fashionable Minnie Mouse clothes for baby girls. T-shirts, nightgowns, and pyjamas, as well as other Minnie Mouse merchandise.