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Join the Skylanders Swap Force with cool shirts and pyjamas!

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Lamaloli met en vente des vêtements pour garçons avec les héros de Skylanders. Offrez à votre enfant des t-shirt à manches longues ou courtes, et des sweat-shirt. Sinon, optez pour les pyjamas et les divers modè

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Skylanders’ clothes and accessories at LamaLoLi

Skylanders is one of the most popular computer games for children. Players embark on a journey into a world where they explore lands, battle creatures, collect gold and treasure and solve puzzles. In Skylanders there are more than 30 interesting characters: Spyro - the eponymous hero – who represents the element fire, and throws around fireballs, Gill Grunt , an aquatic species with a harpoon and Trigger Happy, who belongs to the element technology. 

No matter which of the Skylanders’ Giants is your weapon of choice, we have something in store for you. Choose from a vast collection of cool shirts and pyjamas, featuring the most popular Spyro Skylanders . In cold or hot weather, you can have your favourite Skylanders by your side with warm hoodies, short sleeve T-shirts, padded jackets, or swim shorts. With Skylanders being the hottest game for boys right now, just imagine how your friends will react when you will show up for school with a cool rucksack or bag featuring the most popular characters. Make your own Skylanders’ Adventure Pack become alive, and live up to the challenge. The Skylanders’ Giants are waiting for you to join them in their battles!